M B Custom Controls Ltd.

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This is the control room for a northern Ontario bulk plant with 12 tanks complete with a PLC control system , actuators , inbound and outbound pumps .We wired the complete building and project from the ground up !

We installed a cardlock at an existing bulk plant in southern Manitoba , completed to customer specs and drawings .

Went away for a work vacation ! This customer gladly had us locate to site in the Cayman Islands to install and test this fuel system that was built in Winnipeg . Easily one of the best places weve had to go to !

Another cardlock for a rural community in western Manitoba. Complete with lot lighting ,ID sign , cameras , 5 dispensers , 2 product pumps , 6 fuel sensors , 3 e-stops , 2 solenoid valves , and 1 card reader in a weather booth!

We built the controls and went to site to install this massive overfill system for Hydro in a Northern community ! 88 FLOATS , 44 TANKS , 1 ACTUATOR AND A WHOLE LOTTA SNOW !

Thunderbay ,Ontario was this destination for a new 6 dispenser upgrade !

This was another Winnipeg built system and the customer requested our presence on site for hook up and testing at a massive 7 billion dollar project in Pittsburg ,Pennsylvania. 6 tanks , 3 offload metered pumps and 3 inbound metered pumps complete with all controls ,heat , and lights !